Lumfile is an online file storage services provider. It’s almost 1 year old and it’s one of best cloud servers. Lumfile comes with tones of exciting & unexpected premium advantages which can’t be accessed using free accounts. If you have a premium account you can enjoy all below listed features.

Why Is It Best To Upgrade To Premium Account With Lumfile?

LumFile Premium Account Prices:

• Maximum download speeds to make sure you aren’t interrupted with slow speed downloads which can be really annoying as well as frustrating.
• Resume aborted downloads feature is an excellent option for premium users. You might be tired of downloading the aborted download again and again which could end up in a big waste of your precious time &bandwidth.
• Unlimited personal storage is a good feature which can make sure you can store any amount of files without any particular restriction at all.
• Unlimited Parallel downloads advantage is that it enables you to run more than 1 download at a time which can save up your time as well as the electricity. The majority of the people who upgraded their account to premium with Lumfile found it really useful.
• Forever storage time of your files is a premium advantage where user’s files won’t be deleted after some period of time unless it has a very high DMCA copyright. But in most of the free users account their files get automatically deleted after a particular period although it doesn’t have any sort of DMCA issues.
• Backup files make sure you always have the backups of your files because anything can happen at any time so it’s better to prepare for the future problems right from now on.
• File management is made much easier with Lumfile because it allows you to rename, copy, delete, and move files & Import files much easily without too much of hesitation.
• Big payment methods such as Credit Card, SMS, Bank Transfer, Bank Transfer, Prepaid Card, Web money & E-Wallet are accepted.

As per as overall concerned with the statics of the Lumfile history I believe it’s really a worth to invest in this site for a premium account and enjoy the maximum out of the premium advantages which you can’t expect in the free account.

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